3 Important Tips to Staying Organized

One of the most important things a new college student learns is that organization is key. Since we head back to college in August, it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to keep up to date with our assignments and succeed. These are three things I do and because of them, my life is radically more organized and my head is no longer spinning. These are great tips for school but also, if you’re like me and have a job during summer these tips are super helpful.

1—Clean Workplace:

My first piece of advice is to keep a clean and well organized workspace. The easiest workplace to use is some sort of desk or table. If you’re like me and your room is always cluttered with clothes, make sure that this work area is kept clutter free. It’s hard to stay organized when you have no idea where anything is because it’s under a mountain of clothes and other clutter. Make this the place where you keep all of your important papers and schedule.

2—Keep an agenda:

Secondly, keep an agenda. An agenda is one of the easiest ways to begin to get organized and then stay organized. Write everything down, no matter how minor it may seem. I write down everything from shifts at work to when I take my dog to the dog park. Doing this helps you see when you have free time and when you have deadlines. During the school year, it’s really helpful to write down assignments and due dates so that you don’t forget to submit an assignment. Something that helps me is to color code by using different color ink pens. Since I have two jobs, I write my shifts for one job in blue and the other job in pink. I color code my assignments for different classes, too.

3—Keep an up to date weekly calendar:

Finally, keep a calendar that you update weekly. I use a whiteboard because it’s the easiest way for me to update and see it. You can use whatever works for you but this is one of the most helpful things I’ve started doing. This allows me to to see what my week looks like and it’s somewhere in my room where I see it every morning and I know when I need to get to ready or if I can sleep in a bit. This is where I write down my work shifts for the week so that I know when I’m off and can hang out with friends or catch up with my favorite shows on Netflix.




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