“I Like Natural Girls”


Ladies, one thing I’ve definitely learned since being at school is that guys do NOT care what your makeup looks like or if you’re even wearing any. Another thing I realized is that I 100% have a love affair with makeup and love wearing it. Also don’t mind my HUGE forehead, my hairline is literally in the middle of the top of my head (thx mom). My go-to makeup is always, always the “natural” look. My lippy is Beige Tribute by Yves Saint Laurent (and it is unnecessarily pricy). Any type of nude lip is always a good idea, in my opinion. If you’re pale like me, you could consider putting a pop of color on top of that nude by just dabbing a natural looking pink on top, which is what I did in these pictures. For eyeshadow I LOVE, LOVE the NAKED basics palette and I always do the lighter brown on my lids and the darker in my crease. Also, if you’re pale and look like a vampire at all times, you might want to invest in a good bronzer! I love Too Faced and I have the Pink Leopard bronzer and honestly, it might be my best makeup purchase yet. It gives you a nice, natural glow without making you look like an oompa loompa. Along with all of this makeup, I decided to curl my hair 5 HOURS before I went out so that it would fall out and create these nice little waves that you see in the pictures. The entire look I was going for was natural, so even my hair was supposed to look natural. If you’re wearing a daring outfit (my plunge neck bodysuit), I wouldn’t make your makeup too elaborate and bold. Like I stated in this week’s fashion blog, you should choose a statement piece and that’s where you want people looking and for this outfit, it was my (not shown) boots and that’s where I wanted the focus to be so I went pretty basic with my makeup. Also, if you invest in silver glitter and put a little bit on before you go out, you will feel 10x sassier and I swear it always makes me feel like I can do anything. Again, guys don’t care about makeup and will not know an Urban Decay eyeshadow from a wet n’ wild eyeshadow so if you are wearing makeup, do what you want with it and wear it how you want to wear it. It’s your face and you should feel comfortable and confident in whatever you do to it!!


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